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Killer Sudoku

Jigsaw Killer

Looking for puzzles for your book, magazine or newspaper?


Puzzles by Dr Gareth Moore

This page lists a selection of the many types of puzzle that I can provide, each with a unique solution obtainable via realistic logic. I can also supply other types not shown here. Or see a list of my publishers.

All puzzles are available in a range of sizes and difficulties, and in both single and multi-colour versions. They can also be customised as required.

Click on a puzzle to see a larger JPEG. Note that actual supplied puzzles are provided in fully scalable vector-format PDF like this (or EPS or other formats if required).

If you would like to commission or license puzzles for your publication then please do get in touch - I can also offer advice on suitable puzzles, sizes and difficulties for all requirements if requested.

Please note that I can provide more puzzles than are illustrated above, and many puzzles have alternative names. For example, Futoshiki is the same as Hutosiki, Hashi is the same as Bridges, and Hanjie has a range of names including Nonogram, Griddler and PAP.


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