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Sudoku Xtra 24
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StateTypeTitleSize PlayedAvg timeRatingYoursYour bestCommentsPublishedExpires
UnplayedCalcudokuCalcudoku 3787x72677:50EasyJoin free / Log in
to store results
View statisticsYesterday28th Aug
UnplayedJigsawJigsaw Sudoku 4899x942535:26ModerateJoin free / Log in
to store results
2 comments12th Aug26th Aug
UnplayedCalcudokuCalcudoku Zero 616x64294:39EasyJoin free / Log in
to store results
1 comment10th Aug24th Aug
UnplayedOdd PairOdd Pair Sudoku-6 1856x65273:34EasyJoin free / Log in
to store results
View statistics8th Aug22nd Aug
UnplayedKropki SudokuKropki Sudoku 3009x954215:29EasyJoin free / Log in
to store results
7 comments6th Aug20th Aug
UnplayedOdd PairOdd Pair Sudoku 4469x955919:27MildJoin free / Log in
to store results
View statistics4th Aug18th Aug
UnplayedSudoku XVSudoku XV 3879x959714:10EasyJoin free / Log in
to store results
3 comments2nd Aug16th Aug
UnplayedHitoriHitori 82010x10364:59EasySubscribers onlyView statisticsToday-
UnplayedKropki SudokuKropki Sudoku 3029x9326:39EasySubscribers onlyView statisticsToday-
UnplayedSkyscraperSkyscraper-7 1917x72914:31MildSubscribers onlyView statisticsToday-
UnplayedSudoku XSudoku-X 15629x92813:23EasySubscribers onlyView statisticsToday-
UnplayedJigsawJigsaw Sudoku 4909x96415:38EasySubscribers onlyView statisticsYesterday-
UnplayedOdd PairOdd Pair Sudoku 4499x97521:10MildSubscribers onlyView statisticsYesterday-
UnplayedSlitherlinkSlitherlink 140613x9589:02EasySubscribers onlyView statisticsYesterday-
UnplayedFutoshikiFutoshiki-7 4737x78419:51MildSubscribers onlyView statistics13th Aug-
UnplayedKiller ProKiller Pro Zero 1249x95617:20EasySubscribers onlyView statistics13th Aug-
UnplayedKillerKiller Sudoku 7879x98417:00EasySubscribers only3 comments13th Aug-
UnplayedSudoku XSudoku-X 15619x96615:28EasySubscribers onlyView statistics13th Aug-
UnplayedKiller XKiller Sudoku-X 5449x99217:28EasySubscribers onlyView statistics12th Aug-
UnplayedSkyscraperSkyscraper-7 1907x78512:52EasySubscribers onlyView statistics12th Aug-
UnplayedSudoku XVSudoku XV 3899x98718:31EasySubscribers onlyView statistics12th Aug-
UnplayedJigsaw KillerJigsaw Killer 2769x98419:01EasySubscribers onlyView statistics11th Aug-
UnplayedKiller ProKiller Pro Zero 1239x95725:19MildSubscribers onlyView statistics11th Aug-
UnplayedKillerKiller Sudoku 7869x99513:56EasySubscribers onlyView statistics11th Aug-
UnplayedOdd PairOdd Pair Sudoku 4489x97325:15ModerateSubscribers onlyView statistics11th Aug-
UnplayedKakuroKakuro 178710x149110:35EasySubscribers onlyView statistics10th Aug-
UnplayedConsecutiveNon-consecutive Sudoku 1709x910913:09EasySubscribers only3 comments10th Aug-
UnplayedSudokuSudoku 16139x9854:48EasySubscribers onlyView statistics10th Aug-
UnplayedFutoshikiFutoshiki-6 4846x61049:36EasySubscribers onlyView statistics9th Aug-
UnplayedKiller ProKiller Pro 2499x98210:11EasySubscribers onlyView statistics9th Aug-
UnplayedSlitherlinkSlitherlink 140513x9717:36MildSubscribers onlyView statistics9th Aug-
UnplayedSudoku XSudoku-X 15609x98022:21EasySubscribers onlyView statistics9th Aug-
UnplayedKropki SudokuKropki Sudoku 3019x98913:25EasySubscribers onlyView statistics8th Aug-
UnplayedSudokuSudoku 16129x9849:00EasySubscribers onlyView statistics8th Aug-
UnplayedToroidalWraparound Sudoku-12 5012x126347:36ModerateSubscribers onlyView statistics8th Aug-
UnplayedFutoshikiFutoshiki-6 4836x610712:16EasySubscribers onlyView statistics7th Aug-
UnplayedKillerKiller Sudoku-6 1396x61083:15EasySubscribers onlyView statistics7th Aug-
UnplayedSkyscraperSkyscraper-6 2026x6985:34EasySubscribers onlyView statistics7th Aug-
UnplayedSlitherlinkSlitherlink 140413x9685:12EasySubscribers onlyView statistics7th Aug-
UnplayedKakuroKakuro 178610x149215:10MildSubscribers onlyView statistics6th Aug-
UnplayedOdd PairOdd Pair Sudoku 4479x99315:34EasySubscribers onlyView statistics6th Aug-
UnplayedSudoku XVSudoku XV 3889x910214:13EasySubscribers onlyView statistics6th Aug-
UnplayedCalcudokuCalcudoku 3777x7836:01EasySubscribers onlyView statistics5th Aug-
UnplayedKillerKiller Sudoku 7859x910814:41EasySubscribers onlyView statistics5th Aug-
UnplayedKiller XKiller Sudoku-X 5439x910315:57EasySubscribers onlyView statistics5th Aug-
UnplayedSudokuSudoku 16119x98110:21EasySubscribers onlyView statistics5th Aug-
UnplayedFutoshikiFutoshiki-5 3295x51113:49EasySubscribers onlyView statistics4th Aug-
UnplayedKakuroKakuro 17859x11995:45EasySubscribers onlyView statistics4th Aug-
UnplayedSkyscraperSkyscraper-7 1897x78815:19MildSubscribers onlyView statistics4th Aug-
UnplayedHitoriHitori 8198x81032:16EasySubscribers onlyView statistics3rd Aug-

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The Played column shows how many people have played this puzzle. The Avg time column indicates the average solve time. The Rating column shows the average difficulty rating for this puzzle. The Yours column shows your personal rating, if assigned. Your best shows your personal best time on the puzzle.

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Sudoku Sudoku XKakuroFutoshiki
Killer Sudoku HitoriJigsaw SudokuToroidal Sudoku
Jigsaw KillerHanjie Slitherlink Killer Sudoku-X
Killer Sudoku Pro Consecutive Sudoku Odd Pair Sudoku Skyscraper
Kropki Sudoku Sudoku XV Nurikabe Calcudoku

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