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Comments and Results for 'Jigsaw Sudoku 98'

StateTypeTitleSizePlayedAvg timeRating (#users)YoursYour best
UnplayedJigsawJigsaw Sudoku 989x9918:32Easy (6)--
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Solution time without 'show wrong'

Unaided first solution time
Completed by8 users
Best time without any aid12:38 by equispirit3
Best time with major aid9:01 by Jenjen2nine
Average solve time with no or minor aid15:32
Average rating - all players1.0/10.0
Average rating - no aid1.0/10.0
Average rating - show wrong or
multiple sessions
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Posted 4th Mar 2014 at 09:46
Elisabeth Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 18:04
Part way through the digits all disappeared, so I had to start again and this was counted as multiple sessions. I can't see what I could have clicked by mistake?? Unless 'it' suddenly decided I had clicked twice to start with!!
Posted 4th Mar 2014 at 13:56
Last edited by gareth 4th Mar 2014 at 13:56
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
What browser are you using, on what machine?

Are you maybe pressing F5 by accident? I intercept this where possible, but perhaps on your machine it is reloading the page - if you're on a laptop or similar the F5 key could be right next to a number key so easy to hit by error.

The only way the numbers can vanish is if the page reloads (or you press 'reset' and confirm you want to, which obviously you aren't doing!). You could try saving regularly, since on a reload it would then just go back to your most recent save.

Posted 4th Mar 2014 at 16:44
Elisabeth Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 18:04
I just have a Windows 7 laptop.......... I must have hit F5 by mistake, I didn't know it was so dangerous!!:)
Posted 4th Mar 2014 at 20:33
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber Has started but not yet finished this puzzle
Ah, yes, I just tested in Internet Explorer and the page reloads. You could try using the free Google Chrome browser instead - in this browser pressing F5 won't reload the page in PuzzleMix.
Posted 5th Mar 2014 at 22:27
Elisabeth Rated puzzle: Easy Completion time: 18:04
Thank you, Gareth. I think I shall just be careful not to hit F5 again, I don't find it easy to keep up with all you computer experts!!:)
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  • If a puzzle is opened more than once, including by loading from a saved position, then this is potentially a significant aid so it is listed as being completed with 'multiple sessions' for the purpose of the best time/average rating displays above.
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