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1100 solved

6 comments (Add new comment)
Posted 10th Jan 2022 at 15:47
kocos Daily subscriber
For a long time the number of available puzzles were exactly 2200. Now it is 2196, but close enough. So my new year resolution was to get to 50% solved, which is 1100. I have achieved this today.

Yes, I admit this might not be as interesting for others.

Posted 12th Jan 2022 at 16:58
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
Well done! :)

For those who don't know, you can view the number of plays in a year by visiting your (hidden) play statistics page: here. It's only hidden because I never finished implementing it, so it isn't formatted properly if your window is too narrow (e.g. on a phone or similar), and the information isn't presented in any kind of graphical way yet.

Posted 12th Jan 2022 at 18:39
JoergWausW Daily subscriber
"Sorry: You must be logged in to view this page"

That's what I get after clicking your link, gareth (there's a log in link where the log out link is right now....?

Posted 13th Jan 2022 at 00:24
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
Then log in. :) More seriously, I just virtually became your user and it worked fine for me, so that's weird. I can only think you are accessing puzzlemix using http:// and not https://, and the link above is using https:// so it wouldn't recognize your existing login from a http:// connection. But I thought the server was configured to force any http:// connection to https://, so that seems unlikely - and yet if you have an old browser that could be the problem. I doubt it though. Try editing the URL manually to end in "/profile.php" instead of "/comments.php..." - does that now work? If so it's just the way I embedded the link above that caused the problem, and it must be because your cookies weren't shared after you clicked the link (so your browser thinks the domain is different for some reason, which - ooh - could be because you are using instead of If so then that's me misconfiguring the server then because I should be forcing one to redirect to the other to avoid this very problem. But you can easily fix it by logging in on the other one too. :)
Posted 13th Jan 2022 at 02:21
JoergWausW Daily subscriber
removing www worked, comments.php didn't with the www in place.
I guess I'm one of those who use your side not using the world wide web.
(and I didn't feel like I should have to log in...)

Thanks for taking care.

Posted 14th Jan 2022 at 08:22
Last edited by kocos 14th Jan 2022 at 08:26
kocos Daily subscriber
Thanks for the info Gareth.

I'm quite proud for this one:
Your average difficult rating
(on a scale of easy=1 to hard=10) 4

As I'm more likely to skip harder puzzles (with average solve time higher), I think I'm sort of free from the "it is solved so it is easy" bias.

And it confirms my oroginal statement. Total plays and toltal solves are both highest for last year.

I am also amazed to see that I have been a member for 13 years. Quite large chunk of my life. Not mentioning the 38 days net time I've spent solving puzzles.

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