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9 comments (Add new comment)
Posted 11th Aug 2011 at 08:47
kocos Daily subscriber
Is there any way I could see puzzles older than a year?
Posted 11th Aug 2011 at 11:53
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
No, I'm afraid not. All puzzles with a "published" date automatically expire and are removed from the site once a year has passed (in other words, sets of puzzles don't expire but everything else does). This helps keep the site running smoothly.

Gareth, puzzlemix

Posted 11th Aug 2011 at 12:31
kocos Daily subscriber
I'm quite disappointed by this. I can't look up old results, and since there are no expire date in the daily section, I tought they will never expire, so I did not care about old ones still not played. :(
Hope you consider to change this policy in the future.
Posted 11th Aug 2011 at 13:13
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
Hi kocos,
There are also no expiry dates in the free section, once you have clicked a puzzle, but these also go after a year.

For your reference, it says that puzzles expire after a year quite clearly on the subscription page, and I also posted a big announcement about it a good time ago that you would have had to click 'Delete messages' on to hide. Every other puzzle subscription site I know of expires puzzles after six months at the longest, so Puzzlemix's year is in fact quite a long time.

This isn't a new policy - it's been like this for ages.

Gareth, puzzlemix

Posted 11th Aug 2011 at 13:18
Last edited by gareth 11th Aug 2011 at 13:21
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
PS For daily puzzle users there is an undocumented and unsupported feature: if you bookmark the puzzle COMMENTS page (the equivalent of this one but with the puzzle link at the top) then you can carry on playing the puzzle even after a year, so long as your subscription remains active. You can ONLY play puzzles you originally had access to, and just to be clear it won't work for unplayed free puzzles.

There is also a proviso to this: any saved game files more than a year old may be deleted at any point, and your saved times and completion status may be deleted too. However in the short term I expect all puzzles to remain playable via this method.

Just so you know, I can't keep all old results for all players around - there are over a million of them!

Posted 12th Aug 2011 at 08:15
kocos Daily subscriber
So discussion forum for thosepuzzles also disappear after a year.
Posted 12th Aug 2011 at 19:31
Last edited by gareth 12th Aug 2011 at 19:32
gareth Administrator Daily subscriber
The comments on a puzzle disappear from view when the puzzle does, yes. I considered bundling them up together somewhere but I wasn't sure what the point was. I could make them show in this forum but I can't see what use they'd be to anyone without the puzzles they were attached to. (Perhaps general discussions should be converted into forum threads, but there weren't many and I'd have to read through all the comments to find them - there are a LOT of comments in total! :) )


Posted 19th Aug 2011 at 07:33
kocos Daily subscriber
I decided to wait with further conclusion, and not write anything on my first instinct. But here we are, a week has passed, and I still think the same, so it's time to share. Despite I'm ready to except that this are the terms I should have known, I'm really disappoited about losing the opportunities either to solve or to check older puzzles after a year. This thing really decreases the value of this even with this glitch great site.
Posted 10th Nov 2011 at 16:40
kocos Daily subscriber
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